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I am Martin Halik UX/UI Designer and frontend developer on freelance

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senior level

  • UX/UI design Figma, Sketch, Framer
  • prototyping Framer, Invision, Marvel
  • wireframes web/app

mid level

  • frontend VueJS, React
  • git Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket
  • design systems Sketch, Figma, Abstract

junior level

  • analytics Google Analytics, Exponea, Metabase
  • UX research user-testing, observation

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Design library and guidelines for reservation system in 35+ countries

I’ve built a design library, documentation and prepared sketch library implementation for czech company with 150 000+ active clients.

February – March 2019

“Martin has an easy-going attitude and is good in communication. He has excellent technical skills and provides detailed documentation.“
Anastasia Okuntseva, Designer

Design UX/UI, design leadership and long-term designer in the fastest-growing technology company in Central Europe

I worked for Kiwi.com from January 2016, later that year I joined with my co-founder from Ents as a Design Lead and started building the foundations of design at Kiwi.com, later the role of Head of Design was taken by David Tuč and I switched to remote UX designer of Kiwi.com Homepage.

Janury 2016 - January 2019

“It was a pleasure to work with Martin despite (or maybe thanks to) our different backgrounds and mindsets. Martin is one of very few true visionary designers I’ve had a chance to work with.“
Oliver Dlouhý, CEO

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